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I'm the Gem in 'Gem of a Wedding'


When I create your personalised ceremony, I spend time getting to know the both of you and what you love most about each other and the life you have created together. It seems only right that you may wish to know a little about me first. 

My name is Gem, and I’m a city girl who completely fell in love with Devon. I feel very lucky to live in Torbay with my husband and Son. I enjoy being outdoors and being by the coast, and I absolutely love beach walks at sunset. Family is really significant to me, and I look forward to our time together, driving along, singing at the top of our voices, and finding new adventures along the way. As much as I love being outdoors, I also enjoy getting cosy with a lovely cuppa of tea and watching a Netflix series or listening to an audible or podcast. I'm also partial to the occasional raspberry mojito on special occasions. Apparently a Tuesday doesn't count! I am not ashamed to say that I am a fan of a to-do list and a spreadsheet and would quite like to organise my family with one but this suggestion was frowned upon. I enjoy being organised and I know this can really help settle any nerves before the big day. When I trained as a wedding celebrant I don't think I expected to feel this level of excitement and happiness about what I do.  I love what I do and I'm always told that it shows in the way I work.   

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"We couldn't have asked for a more personal and beautiful ceremony"

Megan & Ashley

I have a passion for travel and have been lucky to visit many countries worldwide. It has been great fun exploring new places and learning about other cultures; Canada is next on the bucket list. I love all animals but have a soft spot for alpacas; there’s something so cute and loving about them. Can you imagine my delight and excitement when I discovered they could be ring bearers for a wedding ceremony? 

I am a fun, creative, and thoughtful person who loves to laugh and live life in full colour.

 I’ve always been sentimental and enjoy making great memories with friends and family. Since a young age, I’ve had a keen interest in people and their stories. I truly listen to what people say. It is incredible that I now bring stories to life in ceremonies celebrating two lives joined by love.


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