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Vow Renewal

I do....again!

Vow Renewal
Reaffirming your commitment and love
Couple in Love

Love is forever, and should be celebrated. A great way to do this is with a Vow Renewal Ceremony. It is a celebration of you and your time spent together.

Renewing your marriage vows means you can declare your feelings and make a commitment to one another in front of those you hold dear.  The ceremony can tell your unique story: what you have achieved and experienced together.

You can include symbolic acts such as handfasting, sand-blending, or lighting a unity candle. The whole family can be involved!

The day can be as similar or as different to your original wedding day as you would like.

A celebrant can help you create a non-religious ceremony that is personal and meaningful to you.
Don’t wait a minute longer to plan your day, your way.


Choose the ceremony package that suits you
Sapphire Package

The Sapphire package includes as much time as needed to get to know you both and your vision for your ceremony. I will create a draft script, finalised when you’re both happy. I am on hand whenever you need me. I arrive early on the day and deliver a beautiful ceremony that has been handwritten just for you. 

Ruby Package

In addition to the elements of the Sapphire package, I design a ceremony certificate based on your colours and theme, including the people you wish to sign with you during the ceremony. I arrive early on the day and deliver a beautiful ceremony that has been handwritten just for you. I also provide a beautifully presented copy of your script as a keepsake. 

Diamond Package

A truly personalised package which includes all the elements of the Ruby package with the addition of unity ceremonies such as a Sand Ceremony, Cocktail Ceremony (if the venue allows), Hand Fasting, Wedding Time Capsule or Tree Planting Ceremony, to name a few. 

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