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Celebrate your family milestones
Other Ceremonies

Family Celebrant

Whether it is a new born baby, an older or an adoptive child, a naming ceremony is a wonderful way to welcome a child into a family.

When families choose to adopt it is a very special and life changing decision. With family and friends to welcome a new child into your family, you can join in a ceremony and make vows to your adopted child. 

Each ceremony is unique to you and your family and is an alternative option for people who wish to celebrate a special time in their lives but do not wish to have a religious ceremony. 

Visit my sister site Gemstone Ceremonies to learn about family services in more detail.

Family Celebrant

Funeral Celebrant

Creating a unique and precious service that reflects the life and personality of your loved one. 

The advantage of being an independent funeral celebrant is that I am able to conduct all styles of services. 

I support and guide families through the various choices to create a ceremony that reflects the unique qualities, life and beliefs of the person who has died. 

I compose and deliver ceremonies that are well structured, meaningful and include rituals. I have seen firsthand the positive effect on families who have had a beautiful personalised ceremony leaving them with memories to cherish. 

Visit my sister site Gemstone Ceremonies to learn about funeral services in more detail.

Funeral Celebrant
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